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Trade Union Bill 2015/16

Labour Party Conference 2015, BrightonI believe the Government’s Trade Union Bill 2015/16 is the latest in a long line of attempts by the Government to stifle reasonable democratic scrutiny, protest and challenge.

This Bill does nothing to address Britain’s productivity gap and skills shortages and, instead, risks driving a false wedge between government, industry, employees and the public by restricting, and at worst criminalising, the rights of ordinary working people to challenge low pay or health and safety concerns.

This is a divisive piece of legislation when we need an economy where business, employees and government work together.

I can assure constituents of my opposition to this Bill which I believe attacks the right of working people to have a say on their pay and conditions.

European Referendum

bbc leedsI’ll be voting to for us to remain in Europe because it’s in the best interests of Bradford people and businesses.

Our membership brings us jobs, growth and investment and has helped to secure workers’ rights and make consumers better off too.

But it’s also important to be part of a group of nations committed to peace, security and democracy. The EU has helped to keep the peace in Europe for decades now.

We all have a voice in this referendum and I’ll be encouraging everyone in Bradford to get engaged and join in the debate as we get ready for this crucial vote on 23rd June.

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