Invictus homecoming

Invictus homecoming

Today (24/05/16) Judith attended a homecoming event in the House of Commons celebrating the achievements of those British men and women who had competed in the Invictus Games 2016. This year, the games took place in sunny Orlando Florida, from 8th to 12th May.

The Invictus Games is an international sporting event, established by HRH Prince Harry, to showcase the sporting talents of wounded, injured and sick serviceman and women, both serving and veterans. The founding principle of the Games was that through harnessing the power of sport it was possible to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and promote a wider understanding and respect of all those who have and continue to so selflessly serve our country.

Judith said “It was an honour to mark the homecoming of our Invictus Games’ competitors by hosting them at the House of Commons this week. I had the pleasure of speaking to our servicemen and women, hearing about their sporting achievements in Orlando Florida earlier this month, and learning more about their time serving within our armed forces. It is so important as a country that we continue to honour the armed forces covenant, by supporting our servicemen and women as they return home from armed conflict, and ultimately, by making sure they are able to forge successful new lives when they choose to leave the military. I pay tribute to HRH Prince Harry for his energies and commitment in establishing the Invictus Games, a truly wonderful initiative.”

UK Labour Party