Stop the Rot

Judith first highlighted concerns about access to NHS dentists in her maiden speech and since then has repeatedly raised the issue of poor oral health in Bradford, particularly among children, in parliament.

Nearly 40 per cent of five-year-old children in Bradford have tooth decay, according to latest figures from Public Health England – making Bradford one of the worst places in the country for childhood tooth decay. Fewer than half of the children living in the Bradford district have seen a dentist in the last two years – and the picture is not much better across the country.

Dental checkups are free for children but the fact that so many are going without is a scandal. Across the country, tooth decay is the number one reason children are being admitted to hospital. Poor dental health in childhood can cause a lifetime of misery.

Judith has fought successfully for extra investment into NHS dentistry in Bradford South. In May 2018, NHS England told Judith Bradford South was to get extra funding for NHS dentistry – around £250,000, meaning almost 3,000 more people in the constituency will be able to access NHS dental services. Dentists are beginning to use the funding, as of Summer 2018.

But Judith is keeping pressure on the government to reform the dental contract and tackle the serious inequalities present in the current system.

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