Sign my petition to Stop The Tax Credit Cut!

Sign my petition to Stop The Tax Credit Cut!

The Tories have broken their promise to stand up for working families with a plan to cut tax credits, which will leave working families £1,300 a year worse off.

The changes will affect three million working families. In Bradford South alone, around 9,000 working families will be affected. Instead of helping working people, the Tories are pushing through changes which will hit working families in the wallet. Tax Credits are designed to ensure that work pays. Cutting them undermines the value of work, and means penalising those who work hard day after day just to get by.

The Tories have not planned any help to protect affected families. 2.7 million working families with children will be left out of pocket, and there is a real risk that children will suffer directly as a result of these changes.

Please sign my petition below to add your voice to our call to Stop The Tax Credit Cut!


Stop the Tax Credit Cut!

David Cameron is breaking his promise to stand up for families. Changes to tax credits will cost working families £1,300 a year from April 2016.


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