Ban on legal highs one step closer

Ban on legal highs one step closer

Last night the House of Commons MPs voted in the “second reading” of the Psychoactive Substances Bill which would see a blanket ban established on the production, distribution, sale and supply of so-called legal highs. The Bill follows the report of an expert panel into New Psychoactive Substances set up by the Home Office last year.

The issue of “legal highs” is a growing problem with people dying and being admitted to hospital as a result of taking these dangerous substances.

I welcome the overdue tightening of legislation to tackle “legal highs” but the current proposals do not go far enough. The Government also need to do much more to educate people, especially young people, about the dangers of legal highs.

Sadly the Government rejected Labour’s amendments to this Bill that would have put a statutory duty on the Secretary of State to help schools educate children about the dangers of these substances.

UK Labour Party