Government criticised for refusing ‘blue light crisis’ debate

Government criticised for refusing ‘blue light crisis’ debate

The Government has been criticised for refusing to make time for MPs to debate the crisis facing our emergency services.

Demands for the debate were made in Parliament yesterday by Bradford South MP Judith Cummins, who has been campaigning for those who keep us safe to be properly funded. She highlighted the fact that West Yorkshire had lost more than 1200 police officers and 550 firefighters in the last seven years.

Mrs Cummins, who wrote a piece in Monday’s Yorkshire Post on the need to properly fund those who keep us safe, said: “I am very disappointed with the government’s refusal to make time to allow MPs to debate the difficulties being faced by our emergency services.

“These are the people charged with keeping us safe, and they say that they are in crisis. The government cannot and should not carry on ignoring them and ducking this issue.”

On Thursday, Mrs Cummins raised the issue in the House of Commons. She said: “In West Yorkshire our blue light services, and those who represent rank and file staff, are very clear that our emergency services are in crisis and staff are struggling to cope.

“West Yorkshire has lost more than 1,200 police officers and 554 firefighters since 2010. It is no wonder that my constituents feel less safe. Given that we have not had an Opposition day since January, will the Leader of the House provide Government time for a debate on this important subject before the summer recess?”

Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom refused to commit government time for a debate.

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