Bradford Live hosts Judith Cummins MP on tour of Odeon

Bradford Live hosts Judith Cummins MP on tour of Odeon

Judith Cummins MP toured the Odeon building in Bradford city centre at the invitation of Bradford Live – the group dedicated to bringing the building back into use.

Judith said: “The Odeon is a much loved and well-known landmark, with huge cultural and economic significance for Bradford.  Its current dereliction stands in stark contrast to the neighbouring Alhambra theatre and the award winning City Park. A successful renovation would add further impetus to the resurgence of the city following the opening of Broadway.

“It was great to meet Lee, Kirsten and Chris from Bradford Live and to see inside the building.  You get a real sense of the history and the potential of the project that Bradford Live are working to deliver.

“Their project vision is to transform the building into a flexible live-event venue that is a vibrant and commercially viable business to help complete the regeneration of a key part of central Bradford.

“I’m offering my support to the Bradford Live team as they work to secure a viable future for the Odeon. We need the whole of Bradford to get behind this project.”

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