Bradford South MP Judith Cummins attends Queensbury School’ careers workshop

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins attends Queensbury School’ careers workshop

Students from Queensbury School recently attended a careers workshop, arranged by Yorkshire Water, as part of its community outreach programme. Judith was pleased to meet with students, to share her advice about today’s job’s market, and most importantly to underline the need to behave sensibly online in an age of widespread social media pitfalls.

Senior representatives from Yorkshire Water took the time to explain to students that in today’s competitive job’s market, most employers often look at the Twitter and Facebook’ profiles of budding candidates in addition to considering their CV’s. A budding candidate’s online activity such as their posted photographs, their status updates and their online comments can ruin a candidate’s chances of getting an interview or receiving a job offer.

Judith said “ Career workshops are so valuable. Getting a job and getting on in your career is not just about grades, although that’s very important, it’s also about presenting yourself well. It was a privilege to speak to students from Queensbury School to share my experiences, I hope it has helped as they set-out in today’s competitive job’s market.”

As part of the workshop, Yorkshire Water took the opportunity to publicise job opportunities on offer at their organisation, including through their established apprentice and graduate programmes. Yorkshire Water, as an accredited Living Wage Foundation employer, pays at least the UK Living Wage of £7.85 an hour to all employees, including its third-party contractors. This is substantially better than the Government’s National Living Wage previously known as the National Minimum Wage. Judith said “It’s always a pleasure to work with Yorkshire Water as an accredited Living Wage Foundation employer. Everyone deserves to receive a fair wage, especially at a time of rising living costs and a stagnant economy.”

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