Bradford South MP Judith Cummins challenges PM Theresa May to improve end of life dementia care

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins challenges PM Theresa May to improve end of life dementia care

During the PM’s weekly question time, Bradford South MP Judith Cummins challenged the Prime Minister Theresa May to commit her Government to improving end of life care for those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Judith’s question to Theresa May came in the wake of newly released figures from the Office for National Statistics which revealed that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are now the leading cause of death in the UK. Dementia is estimated to cost the UK economy over £26 billion a year, more than the costs of cancer, heart disease or stroke. By 2040, predicted costs are expected to treble as life expectancies continue to increase.

Judith pressed Theresa May about her Government’s inaction asking “Dementia is arguably the single greatest health crisis faced by this country… Yet in Bradford it can take up to four months from referral to diagnosis. Will the Prime Minister today pledge to bring about parity in end of life care for people with dementia…?” In response, Theresa May said “ We have set an ambitious target for 4million dementia friends by 2020… We are determined to transform end of life care… I can assure her this is an issue that the Government is focussed.”

Commenting on the PM’s response, Judith said “ It is encouraging that Theresa May has agreed that end of life care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease must be improved. This is an issue that affects so many of our families. I am acutely aware that this is a difficult issue to talk about, which is why it is so important to continue to raise these issues in Parliament. I welcome the 2020 Dementia pledge, but I will judge the PM not by her words but her deeds. Over the coming weeks and months, I will be making sure that the PM lives up to what she has promised.”

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