Bradford South MP launches business survey in bid to boost local economy

Bradford South MP launches business survey in bid to boost local economy

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins has launched a wide ranging survey designed to boost the economy in her constituency. Judith has approached over 2,500 businesses in Bradford South to ask about the challenges they face and what political and economic support they need to grow, prosper and create more good jobs.

Judith is working with a range of trade organisations and bodies, including Bradford’s Chamber of Commerce and trade unions, to create a report on the ‘state of the constituency’. The survey asks for views on skills needs, business support, Brexit impact, devolution, crime, any expansion plans and other challenges they are facing.

Launching the local business survey, Judith said:  

“I am determined to fight to help local businesses survive, grow and create more jobs here in Bradford South. I’m already receiving some very positive and useful responses that will guide the work I do as the Member of Parliament. I hope our local businesses will help me fight to create better conditions for doing business in Bradford South.”

Judith is encouraging any business in Bradford South, which hasn’t already done so, to get in touch. The survey is available online until Friday September 29th. It can be found here.

Once completed, Judith will work with the Chamber Of Commerce to assess and analyse the results and determine what steps are necessary to boost business and job creation in Bradford South.  

She added: “No matter what their size, local businesses face many tough challenges – including around transport, skills and not least those thrown up by Britain’s exit from the EU. I want to do everything I can to support businesses in Bradford South and help them grow and succeed.”


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