Budget failed ‘forgotten and ignored’ workers in Bradford

Budget failed ‘forgotten and ignored’ workers in Bradford

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins shone a light on the “forgotten and ignored” people in Bradford who have to work multiple low-paid jobs to survive in her response to the Chancellor’s Budget yesterday.

Citing soon-to-be published research by Dr Andrew Smith of the University of Bradford and Dr Jo McBride of Durham University, Judith told MPs about the increasing number of people with insecure contracts, low pay and diminishing rights at work. She argued for a set of policies to protect people in the workplace and the need to create more good jobs in Bradford and across the North.

“This is not Britain’s job miracle that the Chancellor boasted of…but workers without guaranteed hours who find it difficult to access mortgages or even to budget for everyday bills,” Judith said.

“That our economy functions in such a way that people are unable to survive without having to work several jobs simultaneously is a sign of just how flawed it is.”

“What we needed in this Budget was decisive action to protect and strengthen workers, and to rebalance the economy so that it works for all people and all regions of our country. The world of work has changed dramatically in recent years. We need new rights for this new world. The Chancellor’s Budget has decisively failed to deliver that.”

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