Former soldier backs Judith Cummins for Bradford South

Former soldier backs Judith Cummins for Bradford South

Labour’s Judith Cummins, who is seeking re-election as MP for Bradford South, was joined on the campaign trail today by former soldier Dan Jarvis.

Mr Jarvis, who is Labour candidate in Barnsley Central, was in Bradford South talking to voters about the threat of a Tory landslide and what it will mean for local people.

Dan Jarvis said: “If Bradford South elects a Tory MP then Theresa May will have a blank cheque to keep attacking our schools, our NHS, our pensions and our police.

“Bradford South needs a local, hard working MP like Judith leading from the front and fighting for local people. She does a great job sticking up for Bradford in Parliament.

“Judith has shown great leadership on her police funding campaign and fighting for all of those who keep us safe. She served on the Armed Forces Bill and has done a lot of work to improve conditions for our soldiers, sailors and airmen.”

Judith said: “I’m really pleased Dan could join us to talk to local people. We don’t have the money that the Tories have so that means we have to rely on getting out into our local communities and talking directly to the people that matter about the issues that are important.”

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