Fund police properly to eliminate road deaths, Judith says

Fund police properly to eliminate road deaths, Judith says

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins has urged the Government eliminate fatalities and serious injuries involving road traffic entirely in the UK – and fund the police properly in order to reach this goal.

Speaking today (November 5) during a debate on road safety in parliament, Judith highlighted the vital importance of the issue and the often tragic outcomes, both locally and nationally.

“In West Yorkshire, 815 people were killed or seriously injured in road traffic incidents last year,” she said. “In my own constituency of Bradford South more children are killed or seriously injured on our roads than almost anywhere else in the country.”

Judith once again raised the issue of the delay in Government bringing forward planned tougher sentencing measures for drivers who kill and seriously injure – more than a year after they were first announced.

“I have to say, this is completely unacceptable,” Judith said. “It is right, of course, that the government looks at the laws around cycling in order to make it safer for all road users, but it is not good enough that already-announced changes on sentences are being rolled into the open-ended process. I really hope the Minister will listen and set out exactly when parliamentary time will be available to bring these changes into effect.”

“The delay is adding to the suffering that families face when they lose loved ones.

Judith also spoke about the effects of cuts to police budgets on road safety, saying: “Our laws are only an effective deterrent if they are properly enforced. For this we need well-resourced police forces, able to patrol our roads, proactively tackling dangerous driving and bringing those who break the law to justice.

“It is for this reason that cuts to frontline policing caused by a reduction in funding from this Government are extremely worrying. On top of the cuts of 30 per cent in West Yorkshire since 2010, police forces across the country are facing an additional £165m in an unexpected pensions bill which will lead to even fewer officers.

“Prior to the budget I raised the issue of police pensions with the Prime Minister, and I wrote to her on the 26th of October on this issue. Unfortunately I have not yet received a response.

“You cannot keep people safe on the cheap. And you cannot keep roads our safe without sufficient resources. If the Government is serious about making our roads safer, they must properly fund police budgets.”


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