Judith backs flu jab drive at Queensbury pharmacy

Judith backs flu jab drive at Queensbury pharmacy

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins visited Tesco Pharmacy Queensbury to learn more about the national pharmacy NHS flu vaccination service.

The service aims to make it easier than ever to get an NHS flu jab and to increase the number of at risk people across England being protected from ill health over the winter months.

During the visit Judith heard about the wide range of support the pharmacy provides to patients including NHS Flu vaccinations, advice about healthy living and travel clinic. They discussed that the pharmacy is open 7-days a week so the pharmacy sees patients from across Bradford including at times when their GP is closed. They also discussed the impact that pharmacy services can have on the NHS, helping to reduce pressure on local GPs and hospitals.

Shamza Hussain, pharmacist, said: “The NHS community pharmacy flu vaccination service, which is now available in Tesco Pharmacy Queensbury, is a great opportunity for more at-risk people to have their jab protecting them during the winter. Community pharmacies are the most accessible healthcare locations and this service makes it easier than ever for you to get vaccinated, in the main without the need for an appointment.”

Judith Cummins MP said: “As winter draws nearer many people will suffer with ill health. Older people aged 65 and over and adults with certain medical conditions can benefit from the NHS
flu vaccination service being offered in local pharmacies. The vaccination will help protect people through the winter months avoiding an illness that can have serious consequences.

“I encourage at risk people in Bradford South to make sure they get their flu jab.”

Ruth Buchan, Chief Executive Officer at Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire, said: “We’re really proud of how our local pharmacies have been doing with the NHS flu vaccination service, helping to make sure that everyone who needs the vaccine, gets it. But we believe the Government should be making even better use of pharmacies; we would love to offer even more services to help local people to stay healthy, support them with their long-term conditions and reduce pressure on other local healthcare services.”

About the pharmacy flu vaccination service:
All adults aged 65 years and over, and those aged 18 years or over and in clinical risk groups, can receive a free of charge NHS flu jab at community pharmacies across the country, often without the need for an appointment. People in at risk groups include pregnant women and those with certain medical conditions including asthma and diabetes. Pharmacists will be using the same vaccination as those offered by GPs and they will be required to notify GPs when they have vaccinated people.

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