Judith calls on Government to back new railway station in Bradford

Judith calls on Government to back new railway station in Bradford

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins has called on the Government to back new plans which show a Northern Powerhouse Railway (NPR) stop in the city.

Transport for the North (TfN) has published plans showing a new, high-speed rail line connecting cities across the North.

In its draft strategic transport plan, TfN recommended that the new line stops in Bradford and acknowledges the city as a key economic centre.

Judith said: “This is a big step for Bradford. An NPR station here would be a huge boost for the city. It would make it much easier to commute to and from Bradford, giving more people access to good jobs, as well as bringing in businesses to the city.

“We have been held back for far too long in favour of investment in London and the South East – Transport for the North’s plans are a significant milestone in redressing the imbalance.”

The new line would make commuting to cities like Manchester much easier and boost jobs and investment in Bradford.

The plans are currently out for consultation. TfN is soon to become a statutory body, meaning the Government will have to take its views into account.

In parliament last week, Judith raised the issue with the Minister.

She said: “Does the Minister agree with me and the Transport for the North draft strategic transport plan that there is a compelling economic case for a northern powerhouse rail network stop in Bradford, both for my constituents and for the wider region?”

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Jesse Norman said the Department for Transport was studying TfN’s report “very closely” and would “look at [the] scheme alongside others”.

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