“Misinformed” minister denies debate on police cuts

“Misinformed” minister denies debate on police cuts

Government claims the police are coping with cuts to budgets and the number of frontline officers have been rubbished by Bradford MP Judith Cummins.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Bradford South MP said she was disappointed police funding was not mentioned in last week’s Budget and asked the Government to make time for MPs to debate cuts to frontline officers.

Judith told the Commons that Bradford South today has 75 per cent fewer police officers in neighbourhood policing than it had in 2012.

The request for a debate wrong-footed the Leader of the House, David Lidington MP, who struggled to justify refusing Parliamentary time. He claimed crime had fallen by a third and that this showed the police were coping with the cuts to their budgets.

Judith said: “The Leader of the House was terribly misinformed. In Bradford South crimes involving firearms have increased by a third. West Yorkshire Police’s budget has been cut by a third, which is £147million. The number of officers and staff has been cut by more than 2000.

“The police do an excellent job but the Government needs to make sure they have the resources they need to keep us safe and I am very disappointed ministers don’t agree.”

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