Opening of BASF’s new Bio-Acrylamide plant

Opening of BASF’s new Bio-Acrylamide plant

The opening of BASF’s new Bio-Acrylamide plant at is site in Low Moor underlines the importance of manufacturing to the local economy and the communities of Bradford South.

Judith says: “I particularly welcome BASF’s commitment to this site in a community where the company has a long history and strong relationships.

Bradford has a great heritage and pride in its manufacturing. The opening of BASF’s new plant helps instil a confidence in the community and city that manufacturing remains a key part of our society and our future.”

The science and technology of the manufacturing process for the plant is the result of a collaboration with Huddersfield University.

“It’s really encouraging to know that ideas from this part of the world have developed into a technology of global significance for and BASF. Bradford and its industry is world-class, we don’t say that often enough,” says Judith.

Manufacturing in the Bradford district employs more than 24,000 people, making it one of the highest of any city in the UK and significantly higher than the UK average. Manufacturers in Bradford produce around a fifth of the district’s economic output. The picture in Bradford South is even more heavily weighted to manufacturing business.

Judith says: “As a newly elected MP in 2015 I visited the company in November last year. I was impressed then and I’m even more impressed now. I wasn’t just impressed by the buildings though, I was impressed by the strong partnership work with Andy Irving and the GMB trade union, and also by the company’s strong advocacy for apprenticeships and training.

Training and jobs for the next generation is something which I care passionately about. BASF is one of the world’s leading providers of high quality apprenticeships, so their investment at this site in Bradford South is good news on so many fronts.”

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