PM must commit to the Northern Powerhouse

PM must commit to the Northern Powerhouse

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins has demanded the Prime Minister give her clear and unequivocal support to the Northern Powerhouse.

The Labour MP is concerned by reports suggesting the Northern Powerhouse and high speed rail investment may be shelved by the Conservatives.

This, she fears, will impact on Bradford getting a high speed rail station in the city centre and cost the local economy £1.3billion.

Reports in the Manchester Evening News suggest HS2 will be cancelled and the money used to pay for Brexit. The Conservatives have refused to deny the claim.

Judith said: “Bradford’s prosperity is tied to the Northern Powerhouse. We need high speed rail, we need better connectivity and we need the £1.3billion boost for our economy.

“The Tories have continually played games with this issue. We have had warm words and hollow promises, now the Prime Minister needs to commit to this and reassure business and the traveling public.”

This isn’t the first time the Conservatives have been caught playing politics with the Northern Powerhouse.

“During the last election the Tories made a series of promises about the Northern Powerhouse and electrification of the trans-pennine rail routes, within weeks of the election they had shelved it,” said Judith.

“I challenged David Cameron on this at Prime Minister’s Questions and the Government reinstated the electrification plans. But to date we still have no firm plans.”

Judith has written to the Prime Minister demanding assurances.

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