STOP THE ROT: Judith backs vital oral health campaign

STOP THE ROT: Judith backs vital oral health campaign

Judith has backed a campaign by Bradford’s local newspaper which is highlighting poor standards of oral health in Bradford and the need for more NHS dentists.

The Telegraph and Argus has this month launched its Stop the Rot campaign. The newspaper has run many stories on the issue over the years, and Judith has been campaigning on the issue since she was elected in 2015.

Levels of tooth decay in Bradford – and Bradford South in particular – are among the worst in the country. In the year 2015-2016, 450 children had to have teeth removed in hospital due to tooth decay.

The Stop the Rot campaign aims to:

– fight for improved access to NHS dentistry

– cut the number of children going under general anaesthetic to have teeth taken out

– increase parental understanding of good oral health

– emphasis the importance of supervised brushing for children and encourage and incentivise those who do not go to the dentist

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