STOP THE ROT: Judith welcomes £300k funding boost for dentistry

STOP THE ROT: Judith welcomes £300k funding boost for dentistry

Judith Cummins has welcomed news that more than 3,500 new patients will be able to access NHS dental services in Bradford after NHS England offered extra funding.

The additional investment amounts to approximately £332,500 for the city. Dental practices are currently replying to letters from NHS England asking them if they would like to take on the extra work.

NHS bosses estimate that new services should start to become available throughout May and June.

It comes after a high-profile campaign in the Telegraph and Argus, which was mentioned in   parliament in March, and continued pressure in and outside Parliament from Bradford South MP Judith since she was first elected in 2015.

Judith said: “It’s fantastic news that more money is coming to Bradford for dentistry. We know there are NHS dentists in Bradford who want to provide their services to more people and this will help them do just that.

“This is a real boost for the T&A’s Stop the Rot campaign, which has done an excellent job highlighting the crisis in dentistry and oral health in Bradford, particularly amongst children.

“Thousands more people being able to access NHS dental services will make a huge difference. We know there is no shortage of demand from the pilot programme that took place last year.

“But there is still a long way to go. To really get to the bottom of the problem of poor oral health in places like Bradford, there needs to be a substantial rethinking of the way the whole system operates.

“The current dental contract is not fit for purpose – the dentists themselves say it is not working. Rather than targets, prevention and patient care must be at the heart of any new dental contract, a case I will continue to make to Government ministers.

“The fight to improve oral health in Bradford goes on.”

In Bradford South, NHS bosses hope a cash boost of £250,000 will mean approximately 3,000 new patients are able to access NHS dental services.

The new money will provide for 9,000 extra UDAs for Bradford South (units of dental activity). NHS bosses hope it will bring the UDA per head to 1.72.

Bradford South has had a historically lower UDA rate (1.57 per capita in 2016/17) compared to Yorkshire and the rest of the country.

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