The police should be fighting crime, not fighting for funding

The police should be fighting crime, not fighting for funding

Judith Cummins MP has hit out at the Government for failing to mention the police and the fight against crime in its Budget.

The Bradford South MP spoke in the House of Commons debate that followed the Budget statement.

Judith said: “The Budget is remarkable for what it fails to mention. I listened carefully to the Chancellor’s statement, and was really worried not to hear a single mention of policing.

“Funding increases for the police were a staple of previous Budgets. Under the previous Labour Government, we witnessed strong investment in the police; consequently, in many areas crime fell to the lowest levels in generations. Sadly, that investment in the determined fight against crime now appears to be consigned to the past.”

She told MPs that since 2010 West Yorkshire police had seen its budget cut by nearly a third, which amounts to £147 million. It also had 2,000 fewer officers and support staff.

“The police should be fighting crime, not fighting for ​funding,” said Judith. “The Chancellor has offered no respite to the culture of cuts that has gripped every police force in the country. The police have faced multi-year budget cuts, which has meant plummeting numbers of frontline officers.

They are under-resourced and understaffed. Let us be clear about this: fewer police officers means that people are less safe, and people feel less safe.”

You can read Judith’s speech by clicking here or you can watch the speech by clicking here.

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