Welfare Reform Bill

Welfare Reform Bill

The truth is that both I and Labour Party opposed the Welfare Reform Bil, I voted for a Labour amendment that would have stopped the whole Bill altogether. Sadly this fact has been completely overshadowed by the subsequent vote in which there was some division within the Labour Party.

The Conservatives claim that this Bill supports people in work, but this is far from the truth. Their proposals will make the lives of working people in Bradford South harder – especially if they are parents!

There are some positive plans to increase apprenticeships which I did support, but the Bill also breaks David Cameron’s pre-election promise not to cut child tax credits and child benefit.

Instead of taking real action to put an end to Child Poverty, this Government just wants to rename it, pushing more of our children into hardship, holding back the next generation in Bradford.

The Labour Party has already started to put forward plans to change this Bill, including stopping the Government ditching the child poverty target, and opposing the changes to Employment Support Allowance.

Let me assure you that I will be fighting hard to make sure that this Bill does not make life harder for working families, and protects those who are unable to work in Bradford South.

I’ll be fighting against David Cameron’s divisive two child policy, and have added my voice to calls a stronger alternative Labour approach – and will not just accept we have to swallow the Conservative’s plans.

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